The Village Inn and Tavern was first opened as The Locusts House in 1921, and was run by storied Maine Guide Ed Megill as a sporting and fishing hotel that offered fine food and lodging to summer visitors amid the lakes and woodlands of Central Maine.


During the roaring 20's, The Belgrades were a popular vacation destination for the rich and famous, including American author Eugene O'Neil who penned "A Long Day's Journey Into Night" while summering at his cottage on Great Pond. Playwright Ernest Thompson further memorialized the lake with his award winning play, "On Golden Pond" that later became the famous feature film starring Henry and Jane Fonda.

The L.L. Bean brothers also owned a camp up the stream from the inn, and hunted and fished the local woodlands and waterways of Kennebec County in the early part of the century. Their first camp store was built here on Main Street in Belgrade Lakes before Leon Leonwood Bean famously moved to Freeport to establish what is known today as L.L. Bean's.



Since then The Inn has gained national recognition for it's famous 12-Hour Roast Duck, a time honored tradition at The Village Inn since the late 1960's. It is still prepared in the same way today, though local seasonal cuisine is also a hallmark of Executive Chef Colby Weeks busy kitchen.


Whether you're staying in one of our guestrooms, joining us for dinner at the dock or dining room, or celebrating a special occasion here on the lake with us, our legacy staff and waterfront setting will make your visit truly memorable. Dock up and join us today!